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Saving the GTA Vice City 100% for GTA Vice City (iOS, Android)
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Hello, dear inhabitants of the Internet!
Today I present to you my preservation for the game "GTA Vice City"!
After a long time after laying out my past, incomplete saving for this game, you can still re-immerse yourself in a beautiful, bright world in which lawlessness and "permissiveness" reign, there is a threat looming over ordinary people, due to the presence of a variety of gangs . And all the emotions associated with this, you can feel through this preservation!

Let's start the description of saving:
1.Igra passed by 100%:
-Proids are all plot and additional missions
-Proded by 12 levels for the medic, police and fire
-Prods of the pizza carrier and taxi driver's mission (now all taxis jump three meters when you press the dial tone)
-Collected all 100 hidden packets
-All 36 unique jumps are performed
- Robbed all 15 stores
-The whole real estate is bought
-Were all the races
-And other
3.U Tommy Versethi on his hands a lot of weapons - from the revolver to the minigun, with the cartridges they have infinite
4. Of course, all clothes in the game are available
5.All the points of profit (auto show, club "Malibu", etc.) bring income
6.U Phil Kessedi you can buy a unique weapon
7.Also, Tommy has an account of as much as $ 420 million !!!
8. And the most interesting, in my opinion - the opportunity to hire yourself bodyguards. For this, in the Vercetti Mansion, you need to go to a small room (to the right of the main entrance, if you go in from the street) and, standing on the marker next to the person sitting on the couch, hire him for money. In total you can hire 3 bodyguards. If you just downloaded the save, they may not immediately fall asleep - you need to move far enough away from the mansion and go back.

The game was played without the use of cheats.

Well, I wish you a lot of fun playing this game! If you have an opinion about this file - write in the comments. Good luck!

P.S. If you are surprised at the number of earned money, then I'll tell you at once that I did not cheat them, but earned them by fulfilling the mission of "Cone Crazy".
Saving the GTA Vice City 100% for GTA Vice City (iOS, Android)Saving the GTA Vice City 100% for GTA Vice City (iOS, Android) - screenshot #2Saving the GTA Vice City 100% for GTA Vice City (iOS, Android) - screenshot #3
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