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New textures for the casino Pirates in Men's Pants

12 September 2010 GTA San Andreas
Pirates in men's pants (English Pirates in Men's Pants) is a hotel and casino, located in the Strip area, near the Casino Four Dragons. The characteristic features of the building is that it is made in the style of a small island with a bay in w...

New CJ Mother House

6 December 2011 GTA San Andreas
This mod replaces the textures in the house of CJ (his mom). Replaced all textures for new, high-quality. Replaced more and photos. Enjoy the game, I hope you will like the mod! The installation is present in the ReadMe file.

Sleep in Johnson's House (+ Saving Game)

16 August 2015 GTA San Andreas
A simple script that adds a small reality to GTA SA's ability to sleep. Go to the bed in the Johnson House (House CJ), which is on the second floor, and press the Y key, Carl goes to bed and the save window appears. The game must be saved, otherw...

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