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Claire Redfield

15 November 2010 GTA San Andreas
Skin Claire Redfield, to replace any character.

Claire Redfield

28 October 2014 GTA San Andreas
Good day to all! I'm like a fan, I have to put it here. Please love and pay tribute to Claire Redfield from the game Resident Evil 2. The model is beautiful and high-quality, replacing any pedestrian. Everyone enjoy the game!

Candy Suxxx and Mexican Cowgirl HD

2 December 2019 GTA San Andreas
[English]Candy Suxxx Neon Sign (HD Retexture) by: joaopsantos16Lolita's Market Mexican Cowgirl Graffiti (HD Remake) by: joaopsantos16-------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOW TO INSTALL:- Put the "Candy Suxxx ...

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