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Minivan Cabbie in SA Style

12 September 2015 GTA San Andreas
As you know, in the era of GTA IV, the classic "Kebbi-checker" is a thing of the past, instead of it "cabbie" became known as a taxi minivan. I took a model of the glow of the GTA LCS dopilil it to the style of the CA and added a sign "taxi" at the t...

M60 SA Style

23 February 2016 GTA San Andreas
Hello! I decided to add a weapon like the M60 that was in the GTA: LCS and VC, in GTA SA only in the style of the game and not in place of the M4, as usually everyone does, namely instead of a minigun. • Its HQ ico...

UZI SA Style

Hello! Here is my next work on weapons in the style of the game, currently busy with another major project, so these works are rarely published. This time I decided to move UZI into a game that fits well into the atmosphere of the gam...

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