Original main.scm and script.img

10 October 2010 GTA San Andreas
This is for those who flew the original Main.scm And Script.img Even if you only flew one of the above files, install them all the same together. One may not correspond to another, and in this archive everything is in order.

Cleared of missions MAIN.SCM (wmysterio)

26 February 2016 GTA San Andreas
On the Internet, I found a lot of cleaned up missions MAIN.SCM and in each of them I found some bug that caused a game error. This significantly influenced the development of global main-mods, because there were fears that at any moment the game mi...

Clean main.scm

22 March 2015 GTA San Andreas
Description : Clean file main.scm, i.e. Minimum for the game, all scripts and missions, pickups are removed. The modemakers will need , So as not to suffer with the original. He has only 31 line . Instruction : Throw "the p...

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