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Pak characters from Resident Evil 2

6 October 2015 GTA San Andreas
This pack is exclusively for fans, And the minuses for the "cardboard models" I beg you not to put. I do not exclude the presence of minor bugs. In this package: William Birkin (only two forms) Leon Claire Ada Zombie policeman Hank (from t...


21 July 2010 GTA San Andreas
I made missions that are very similar to RESIDENT EVIL 4 but in the archive you will find not only missions. There are still high-quality Leon Krauser, and many other characters from RESIDENT EVIL 4.

Resident Evil MOD

28 August 2010 GTA San Andreas
This mod gives you the opportunity to play in Resident Evil 4. I saw similar on the site, but this adds a lot more: 1) New sounds of shots, music downloads (from RS) 2) New characters (from RS4) 3) A new pack of weapons (from RS4) 4) new miss...

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