Ford Bronco '1980

19 August 2013 GTA San Andreas
Lovely Ford Bronco '1980 . Replaces Rancher . The model has a detailed study of the cabin and other parts, 3D interior parts, engine, realistic damage, customized handling. Installation in the archive.

Ford F-350 F.D.N.Y

24 September 2012 GTA San Andreas
High-quality model of ambulance Ford F-350 F.D.N.Y for GTA San Andreas. Features: - Auto high quality; - Work lights; - Everything is beating and breaking; - Quality interior; - The gas tank explodes.

Ford GT 2012

24 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
Quality model Ford GT for GTA San Andreas. In the archive there is a handling file with detailed settings, for a more enjoyable game.

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