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RESPECT Vehicles Pack v0.1

13 January 2018 GTA San Andreas
Respect Vehicles Pack or RVP is a project to replace original cars. The first part consists of 18 models. Features: - SA numbers. - Machines are similar to the original ones. - Does not violate the atmosphere of the game (only 3 mode...

Extended Vanilla Vehicles Pack 1.0

6 April 2020 GTA San Andreas
Extended Vanilla Vehicles Pack 1.0 - It is a modification that not only corrects a huge number of various errors and bugs of standard vehicles, but also improves the visual component of cars, and most importantly - adds a completely new vehic...

Insane Vehicles Pack by Eddie v4.0 (update from 01/10/2021)

11 January 2021 GTA San Andreas
Insane Vehicles Pack by Eddie - это самый лучший проект по замене автомобилей для GTA SA. Особенностью является то, что есть две версии авто: с IVF и без! У всех машин есть повреждения! Я выбирал самые лучшие машины со всего интернета!  Обновлен...

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