Olympic City Street

4 November 2012 GTA San Andreas
Instead of immediately describing the mod, I'd rather talk a little about how it was done. As it often happens, the mod appeared simply from the idea: often, playing various racing games, I noticed that the locations in them are so good and picturesq...

Big City Life 3

3 February 2014 GTA San Andreas
Meet the final part of the story about the opposition of simple gangsters and a big city, about the battle of good and evil. As you know, good conquers evil, and in Big City Life 3 This rule is no exception. After the events that took place in th...

Big City Life. Stories

29 April 2014 GTA San Andreas
"Manuscripts do not burn," asserted Bulgakov in the novel The Master and Margarita. Another unrecognized genius claimed that poets do not age. The third decided to refute this hypothesis. And the fourth genius just combined all this i...

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