Gun Para HD

5 February 2012 GTA San Andreas
A new parachute backpack, this is the fifteenth modification of the HD project, along the new model belts and fastenings are added, because Belts with attachments were adjusted only for the skin of Karl Johnson (pumped) on other skins, they can hang,...

Marquis HD

6 March 2011 GTA San Andreas
Sailing ship Marquis Is present in almost all games of the GTA series, starting with GTA Vice City . In San Andreas, this vessel can be seen not only by the dissecting sea, but also moored at the pier in the city of Bayside (near the boat sch...

Barracks HD

A small fashion on a military theme. Improves the texture of the truck Barracks . Since in the original game the truck can appear in two versions - with a cargo compartment, fully covered with cloth, and a cargo compartment covered with clo...

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