20 December 2012 GTA San Andreas
Model KAMAZ-53229 practical similar to his brother in reality. A good study of all the details, damages, inscriptions and so on.

Open car doors

15 October 2012 GTA San Andreas
My little Cleo A script that makes it possible to open the doors of a closed car. For example: look at the screenshot, where the first mission, where you had to ride bicycles on Grove Street . In the car of ballas, which chases you, it was imposs...

Elegy 4 doors v1.0

7 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
Tired of the same type and old-fashioned Elegy? Then this mod is for you! Meet, the first of its kind 4-door Elegy! PS: The problems with tuning are solved by the GTAmodern studio team, in the near future they will be solved (As long as there are ...

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