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Parked Transport (v0.1)

16 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
At all railway stations there are buses and taxis parked (only 2 variants of the arrangement). The police stations are parked with service cars and motorcycles (at v0.1 only at Los Santos police). Installation: The file "auto_in_sa.cs" is copi...

SALF v0.1

6 November 2013 GTA San Andreas
SALF v0.1 is a game of GTA SA on the fighting engine (fights). In the game there will be only 2 characters and one card. The music in the game is worked out. Ideas and suggestions for the next version are accepted Here .

Random game events v0.1

30 August 2017 GTA San Andreas
All of us, playing the old good GTA San Andreas, saw a lot of interesting events happening in this really living world. They helped the cop to catch the criminal, went for a gang of bikers, and so on. This mod is designed to "revive" these events, an...

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