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VAZ 2110

6 August 2012 GTA San Andreas
VAZ 2110 NOT REACHED with good quality; lighting devices; Wheels .. for the SA. I just overstated the suspension, changed the wheels, changed the settings of the textures ... and added a Christmas tree to the salon. P.S. In the trunk li...

"Zero" Borderlands 2 by C.M.D.A.S

15 August 2013 GTA San Andreas
Features: Very beautiful skin Description: * Skin is converted from the game Borderlands 2 and looks very beautiful * Textures VERY HIGH QUALITY 2048 * 2048 Installation on a passerby: * Replace the files in GTA3.img Installation on ...

Camera Canon by C.M.D.A.S

16 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
That's decided something interesting zapleat, and here's a fotik "Canon" did! Description: * HQ textures 512X512 (Do not write that the bad textures, they are good! Check it yourself!) * High-poly model! * Beautifully looks. FAQ: How...

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