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GTA IV cars Pack v3

2 August 2010 GTA San Andreas
A new auto pack of GTA IV cars, with better detail and realistic damage. The pack weighs only 27 mb, inside 42 cars including motorcycles In this package, everything pleases!

Remote Car Control Version 2.2 (Works in SA: MP)

20 August 2013 GTA San Andreas
This script allows you to control the car remotely. But the most interesting thing is that this thing works in SA: MP! Before you write, that does not work for you - watch the video!   Video ...

Realistic Car Crash Physics mod

31 October 2012 GTA San Andreas
Accidents become more spectacular and a little more realistic. By default, the car in the game after a flip on the side or the roof rarely did somersaults and most often just rolled like a can, which looked utterly miserable. This mod...

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