M60 SA Style

23 February 2016 GTA San Andreas
Hello! I decided to add a weapon like the M60 that was in the GTA: LCS and VC, in GTA SA only in the style of the game and not in place of the M4, as usually everyone does, namely instead of a minigun. • Its HQ ico...

UZI SA Style

Hello! Here is my next work on weapons in the style of the game, currently busy with another major project, so these works are rarely published. This time I decided to move UZI into a game that fits well into the atmosphere of the gam...

Honda Dio AF-34 SA Style

23 May 2016 GTA San Andreas
I present to you my fifty-third job - Honda Dio AF-34 Sa Style! The essence of fashion is to create a scooter Honda Dio AF-34 in SA style (your cap). The model was created almost from scratch. Features: - Its a collision and shadow; - Your c...

Ford Mustang SA Style

5 November 2016 GTA San Andreas
I present to you my new mod - Ford Mustang SA Style! Mod is an envelope machine from Need For Speed ​​Underground 2 in GTA SA with a stylization to the overall atmosphere of the game (all as usual). The car has: on the body two strips, one extrusio...

New LSPD [SA Style]

3 September 2017 GTA San Andreas
New LSPD [SA Style] Author: Unknown Features: - Excellent texture - Detailed model - Completed in the style of GTA San Andreas Installation: With Crazy IMG Editor, add the downloaded file with the replacement. Have a good...

Rancher 4 Doors Pick-Up

24 February 2011 GTA San Andreas
Four-door Pickup Ranch, at the request of rivezj. -Tuning and painting is. -His shadow. -It's a collision. -Can pass SA without glitches.

GTA V HVY Insurgent

18 October 2015 GTA San Andreas
A simple Insurgent envelope from GTA V. Replaces FBI Truck (ID 528); Not adapted for ImVehFt or any other plug-in; Own LOD (vlo), shadow and collision; Mixture of V and SA state numbers; The back door opens correctly; Damage is visible o...

Nissan 240SX SA Style

11 October 2016 GTA San Andreas
Here's my new job - Nissan 240SX in SA style! This time I converted the Nissan 240SX, and even with full tuning (as I am with it **********). The model has its own: shadow, collision, its paintwork and, as I said above, full tuning. Also in the arc...

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comment written on, 28 January 2020, 10:37
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I don't plan to make a police or SWAT version of this vehicle, Sorry...
But you can edit it yourself or ask someone to do it, I didn't lock the DFF and I don't mind if you edit it.


comment written on, 28 January 2020, 02:09
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GForums: Liimert

Karma: 825
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Can you make police version of this vehicle?
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comment written on, 25 January 2020, 21:20
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Very cool model. Such a tall, powerful, stylish armored car. Well, a machine gun. Everything works clearly, you just need to get used to the shot distance - and you can arrange chases. Fortunately, the machine gun is well tolerated equipment. Therefore, problems with the destruction of someone during the ride - does not come. Literally a 3-second queue - and bah-bah. Respect to the author!

Mat. Warning issued, comment edited.

Kiriller12 01/25/2020, 9:22:01 p.m.
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