Zombie Andreas 4.0

29 August 2017 GTA San Andreas
After a year of development. After thousands of spent nerves. Through the fire and the copper pipes. Through thousands of different problems ... RELEASE 4.0! 4.0 is a complete rethinking of the project. 4.0 is the creation of all the co...

Zombie Andreas 1.0 Fixed Version

30 July 2014 GTA San Andreas
The corrected version of Zombie Andreas v1.0. Fixed critical bugs not allowing to go through the storyline, hints, etc. added Description: Zombie Andreas is a modification to the game San Andreas, which completely changes the gameplay of th...

Zombie Andreas 4.1

28 February 2018 GTA San Andreas
The release of Zombie Andreas 4.1! The final and final version of the project ... Version 4.1 is a polished and finished 4.0 with lots of nice changes, fixes, innovations. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------...

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