GTA San Andreas Stories: Part 2

12 April 2016 GTA San Andreas
Kind time of the day, dear friends! I am glad to present to your attention the second part of one of the most ambitious plans of the domestic DYOM'ing - San Andreas Stories . This project brings together a huge number of storylines in one alternati...

New house (part 2)

8 March 2014 GTA San Andreas
Hello, dear LibertyCity users! As I said, I spread 2 part to replace the textures of the interior of the house CJ, wardrobe. In the wardrobe replaced all the textures: walls, floor, ceiling, doors, chest of drawers, surfboard, radio, ottomans. Once a...

Beta GTA SA Premier Part 2 Police

22 December 2013 GTA San Andreas
Hello everybody! I spread police cars from beta. Immediately I warn that they are unfinished: 1) Both do not have numbers. 2) LS police do not have a rudder. 3) The SF police have no inscriptions. 4) SF police around scratches transparent tran...

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