A detailed lesson on creating animations with Biped

16 September 2014 GTA San Andreas
A detailed lesson on creating animations for GTA SA in 3D Max using Biped. Under the video, as well as on this page, you can download additional files for creating animations. In the archive: - GTA Anim Manager - Kam's scripts - Biped - Ma...


15 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
I think those who worked in max at a less normal level remember the biped. Biped is used for bending and animation. We decided to unite this miracle in Sanka. Just because we are IceMen. Made a sweep and baked texture. Everyone enjoy the game!

Additional lessons for animators

7 November 2014 GTA San Andreas
Two more lessons on animating the character. The composition includes a lesson on animating and interacting two characters at once, and animate the character with the attached object in hand. Download from the site you can archive with the programs...

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