The House of The Death v2

24 October 2012 GTA San Andreas
The House of The Death v2 is a mystical modification that adds a death house. As soon as you come to the house you will be attacked by Scream. Around the house you will be attacked by a scarecrow. Near the graves you can see the ghost ... They are al...

"House Of The Death" (San Andreas Horror Movie)

29 June 2013 GTA San Andreas
Three young people go on vacation, but after the disappearance of a friend strange things begin to happen, and this house is a ghost that keeps secrets about moving to another world ...

UpDate House CJ

3 September 2011 GTA San Andreas
Installation Files from the gta_int folder should be replaced with the archive gta_int Description Modification updates the House of Charles at Grove Street, Textures quality at 100% Now the house looks like a cottage. Authors S...

Slender Man. House of the dead [Storyline]

5 September 2014 GTA San Andreas
Having just moved to Angel-Pain, the daughter of the protagonist was missing. No one can explain this, but everyone saw next to her a strange tall man in a strict suit. There have been similar cases, but some children have already returned one per...

My edit of SA_DirectX 1.1

3 January 2013 GTA San Andreas
This mod - edited by me settings ENB SA_DirectX 1.1. You can rate them by the screenshots:   1   2   3 ...

Behind Space Of Realities 2013 - To be seen Again

18 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
The new version is built partly on Behind Space Of Realities - Classic version (C-CLV-3), with the addition of new models Vegetation, which is made from scratch. Supplement Behind Space Of Realities - To be seen Again (C-TBSA-2), ther...

Behind Space Of Realities C-CLV-4

19 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
A powerful update for the first full version of the project Behind Space Of Realities. Interestingly, Behind Space Of Realities is an independent global fashion that replaces all the vegetation of GTA San Andreas, with the ability to instal...

Behind Space Of Realities: American Dream

20 October 2013 GTA San Andreas
The second coming of the project Behind Space Of Realities this year. Unlike the first issue of American Dream, this modification has nothing to do with its predecessor. The idea of ​​creating the American Dream appeared after the users...

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Интересно, какому геттовцу понадобится такой дом.
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Den Steel
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Долой банальное гетто, да здравствует стиль и роскошь!
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