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Autumn Mod 2.0 HRT

2 December 2010 GTA San Andreas
Autumn Mod - autumn modification for GTA: San Andreas, which can be installed both on top of the original game and over the global fashion HRT Pack (In which case there will be more innovations). Autumn Mod Changes grass sprites, gras...

Autumn Mod 1.0 for HRT Pack

7 November 2010 GTA San Andreas
Autumn Mod - Autumn modification for GTA: San Andreas, which needs to be installed Only on top Global fashion HRT Pack versions 1.1 Or 1.2 . The modification changes the texture of the grass in some parts of the city of Los Santos (for e...

Happy Halloween Mod 2.0

24 October 2011 GTA San Andreas
Useless, but interesting mode (more precisely, the second version of the mod, which I laid out last year). The essence of the first version was that instead of the moon in the sky hung a huge Halloween pumpkin (the so-called Jack Lamp). Now I add...

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