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The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas
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If you imagine that every modification is a meal, then The Wage-Worker is a kind of salad from a heap, at first glance, of incomparable ingredients! But I would not say that it looks tasteless, on the contrary, for "kill time " will go more than ever! So what were we talking about?

Teaser modifications:

The Wage-Worker - This modification brings into the game immediately 30 new diverse missions. there is a storyline that tells the player about the life of a hired worker who complacently complies with employers' instructions for money, this is a beautiful embodiment of greed, for which he, incidentally, will pay.

The game has 11 story missions.
6 missions to the Extermination.
6 missions of the regime "Hide and Seek ".
6 missions to the Robbery.
And also 1 Final mission.

Subject Missions:
In the modification there are 11 plot tasks from three different employers.
All missions have a different difficulty level.
I tried to reduce to zero the need to travel somewhere, so all actions take place in one city - Los Santos.

The modification has not a linear plot, because from the very beginning of the game the player is faced with the choice between just 14 points from which you can start the passage.
The main purpose of the missions of extermination - is to clear a certain territory from the guard, while not dying yourself.

The mode "Hide and Seek "
This mode is something new, I have never seen anything like this in a single project. The task is to find all those hidden as soon as possible, again, the most interesting, these are the places that I picked up for this event. Well, yes, the losers are killed if you understand what I mean :)

To dilute a bit of the gameplay, I decided to add a couple of points for robbery, but the very essence of how they are made, you often enough will be surprised at what the cashiers do!)

Soundtrack: The game has its own excellent soundtrack, which not only does not have copyright rights, so its also a huge variety! 20 songs with a total duration of one and a half hours!

A detailed installation process is described in the README file, which is in the archive.

Separate my thanks:
In conclusion, I want to say a simple human "thanks " to the following persons:



Have a good game!
The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San AndreasThe Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #2The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #3The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #4The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #5The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #6The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #7The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #8The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #9The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #10The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #11The Wage-Worker REMASTERED for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #12
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comment written on, 4 August 2018, 11:51
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Now I download, we'll see, and then something here a lot of negativity in the comments experts are fucked
Fictitious mistakes and deliberate malicious non-observance of the rules of the Russian language.

TheInsaneKiller 08/04/2018, 13:28:37
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comment written on, 6 May 2018, 01:15
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Do not download, network error :(
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comment written on, 22 April 2018, 13:17
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Filin, теперь я понял существование Купянска... Я не могу поверить, что кто-то реально будет писать что-то подобное, меня пробивает на смех. Какая графика? Ты о чём? Это обычный клео без изменения ГТА СА, какая "вырвиглазная графика" была, такая и сохранилось, миссии действительно банальные, но это не из-за творческой импотенции, а лишь потому что мод был нацелен на показ того, как я развился по сравнению с моим предыдущим проектом и показать, что я ещё живой и продолжаю усердно работать. За школомоддинг было обидно, т.к. данный скрипт был одним из моих самых первых, тогда я ещё толком ничего не умел в КЛЕО.
Цитата: Filin
и трейлер...
это не трейлер, а ТИЗЕР, совершенно разные понятия, от которых, естественно, ожидают разное.

Вот так вот и бывает, когда начинаешь заниматься чем-то новым, а все пользователи накидываются на тебя с камнями, мол, "Школомоддинг! Нудятина! Не имеет смысла!" - а на деле всё прозаичней. Я, вроде как, единственный представитель вымирающего вида создателей клео-миссий, который изо всех сил старается совершенствоваться, но на его пути встают "профи", что плюют ему в лицо с фразой "школомоддинг".
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comment written on, 18 April 2018, 15:53
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GForums: FILIN

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Typical representative shkolomoddinga, in the worst sense of the word.

Here you vyrviglaznaya graphics, and trivial missions a la "go there, kill them all," while there are only 11 of them, and an uncomplicated plot of "type with meaning," and a trailer with a random video sequence that does not go along with music.
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comment written on, 8 April 2018, 19:44
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daniel 360
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Wow, what's this?
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