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We all know that Karl Johnson is a dangerous man who killed hundreds of influential people. And it's really strange that no one even tries to take revenge for it.

This idea was taken from Mafia III, well, I'm introducing you to Hit Squad. Now any enemy gang can randomly send shock troops for you during the game. Do not worry, they will appear infrequently and will not appear during missions. You can steal from them, hide in interiors or kill. The choice is yours!

Note that the Aztecs and Triads will not send shock troops, because on the plot of the game they are in good relations with Karl.

If you do not want to receive alerts about attacks, do not install the .FXT file.
Hit Squad for GTA San AndreasHit Squad for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #2Hit Squad for GTA San Andreas - screenshot #3
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установил я значит мод, fxt файл не ставил (чтоб неожиданно нападали), начал новую игру, покатался, вышел пострелять, и тут прилетает sentinel с мафией из ЛВ и стреляет в меня из дробовиков - пару выстрелов и убили
потому вопрос - в начале игры банды других городов Карла вообще не должны знать, так как он там еще не появился по сюжету и не "натворил делов"
так откуда они взялись, еще и когда мосты закрыты ?

TranceMusicFan 14.08.2019, 16:07:22
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comment written on, 20 January 2018, 21:31
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speed into eternity
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Oh, I saw something like this in CR: Rage. Only there the chip was that they shoot continuously and always at point-blank range.
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