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Vapid Peyote 4-door Station Wagon 1963

21 July 2020 GTA San Andreas
Vapid Peyote 4-door Station Wagon 1963.- The model is made from scratch.- Supports standard tuning.- All parts of the car are damaged. (headlights and rear lights are also beating, headlights can fall out)- The model is painted in 2 colors.- Detailed...

Elegy 4 doors v1.0

7 July 2013 GTA San Andreas
Tired of the same type and old-fashioned Elegy? Then this mod is for you! Meet, the first of its kind 4-door Elegy! PS: The problems with tuning are solved by the GTAmodern studio team, in the near future they will be solved (As long as there are ...

Ford Escort USA

23 June 2016 GTA San Andreas
Ford Escort - is a compact cars that were produced by Ford in Europe and North America. Ford Escort is one of Ford's successful car models. Features: - SA number; - Its a collision; - Its shadow; - Working front and rear optics; - 3D int...

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