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Tommy Vercetti (Vice City) (iOs, Android)

What can be the comments? Legendary Tommy from the legendary Vice City. On iOs works ONLY if you have a jailbreak. Installation: Android - Copy to the address - datacom.rockstargames.gtasafilestexdb Ios - Copy to the address - varmobileapplicatio...

GTA VCtoSA Android Beta

GTA VCtoSA is a project to transfer a map from GTA Vice City to the GTA SA engine. + Added 60 cars and work paths for them and pedals (NPC) and other small additions. Minimum requirements: RAM 1 gb or more CPU 1 Ghz and more ...

GTA SA Classic v1.5 - PC atmosphere of the game in GTA SA Mobile

GTA SA Classic v1.5.Cred: R *, Marcel Whyler, Fierrum (Project Madness), MrFinger, RJSanModder, Andrey 50 AND, Rakhim Mutsaev, Felipe Vilches, Konstantin Gusev, Raskul.Changes in the new version:ВЂ The light from the headlights of cars has been impro...

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