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Selfie spawner

The file was deleted from the archive due to the fact that there was a small number of screenshots. If you want to download the glue-script on the PC version, then . Krash allowed me to download this glue-script to the site: Cleo-scrip...

Visual Car Spawner v1.0 Android Version

Visual Car Spawner, now ported to android! Author PC version: Chel555 (I) Port for Android version: Chel555 (I) Activation: 4 + 9 (The player does NOT need to drive traffic!) Deactivation 3 + 9 Cursor control: 2 - left, 6 - right, 4 - up,...

[!] If you are having trouble installing the file, seefile installation instructions for GTA San Andreas or ask at the forum.

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