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Ultimate GTA SA APK (1.08)

APK for GTA SA in which: - Fix textures (removes "pixels") - Built-in Cleo - Font from SanLTD. Cons: - May not work on some devices.


Hello! Admit ... Have you ever wanted to fly to GTA SA? I think so ... So this script allows you to do this! As I already said this script allows you to fly ... Let's look at how to fly: 1.Open the CLEO Menu. 2. Choose Flying ... 3. You ar...

Ultimate Save v.2.0 - Final (GTA SA mobile)

Features: Passed 100%. Infinite ammunition in any weapon, pick up or buy, no matter what. All skills are almost maximum. There is something to do: not all areas are captured, relations with girls leave much to be desired. Slot 1: Start from ho...

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