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100% completed, skills upgraded (on account $ 350)

100% Save Game With 350 $ Money [Android]When you enable this save, you will appear where the game started.Features:- The game is 100% complete- On the account: 350 $;- All weapons skills are pumped;- Los Santos controlled by Grove Street;- Stamina p...

100% save (iOS, Android)

22 September 2015 GTA SA (iOS, Android)
100% preservation. All territories are captured. All skills are pumped.

100% Passage + 3 Extras. Conservation!

Hello, dear friends! And today, after quite a long time, I present to you an improved and augmented version of my preservation! Let's start reviewing the conservation itself, and not even one! 1st Saving (1st slot): -Game passed by 100% -Ca...

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