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PS2 Mod GTA SA (Android)

I present you a mod that will add a small atmosphere with the PS2 version of GTA SA. Do you remember those evening, orange tones? Slightly modified textures of lower quality than on PC. So, in this assembly, game textures were replaced with those tha...

Saving for gta san andreas android

Passed the whole storyline. A lot of ammunition. Passed all the extra missions of a taxi driver, a fireman, etc. Repainted all the graffiti. Did not capture the whole ghetto, especially for you, so that you could do anything Installation: Android /...

(Almost) Maximum save for GTA SA Android by Bunik. (V.1)

17 November 2018 GTA SA (iOS, Android)
Hello, dear users, having the game GTA SA for android. Especially for you, I created a (almost) maximum save game. Here is a list of what it contains: 1) The game was completed at 100.00%, but in addition, side quests that are not needed for the we...

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