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CLEO Android 1.0.8

30 January 2015 GTA SA (iOS, Android)
CLEO Android - version of the popular CLEO on Android. Installation ATTENTION! The phone must have root access. Games GTA 3 v1.4, GTA VC v1.3, GTA SA v1.0.0, GTA SA v1.0.2, GTA SA v1.0.3, GTA SA v1.0.5 are supported. Install cleo.apk fro...

CLEO Android

29 December 2013 GTA SA (iOS, Android)
/ CLEO Android / REL on December 27, 2013 Tested only on Android Jelly Bean 4.2 and 4.3! --- Installation --- - You have to get the phone - Only GTA3 v1.4, GTAVC v1.3, GTASA v1.0.2 and v1.0.3 are supported! - Set "cleo.apk" - Run...

House on Richman (1.0)

28 February 2017 GTA SA (iOS, Android)
Title: House on Richman 1.0 Author: Vitaliy Sharapov (vk.com/idjei). Installation: from the CLEO folder, move everything to sdcard0 / android / data / com.rockstargames.gtasa. Description: This mod adds a new house for Cj. What can I do? In ...

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