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Debug menu by Dageron

This mod includes a set of 6 scripts Main.scm For the test or entertainment in the game: Base With this script you can spawn the transport, start any mission, change clothes. Animation viewer + base With this script you will be abl...

GTA LCS Save (ios, android)

100% passed game, a maximum of money, from the weapon: Kastet, Katana, 357 Magnum, Combat Shotgun, MP5, M4, M-60, PSG-1, Grenade of Remote Explosion. Each weapon has infinite ammo. Installation: Save to roll along the path: data / data / com....

100% Save for GTA Liberty City Stories (iOS, Android)

I welcome you on this page! Since you have come, it means that you are interested in preserving GTA Liberty City Stories for some reason. I, as the author of three more 100% conservation, tried to do everything in the best possible way. So let's find...

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