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ScriptHookV .NET 0.1.0 for GTA 5
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ScriptHookV .NET is an ASI plugin, which allows running scripts written in any .NET language ingame.

Press the "Insert" key to reload scripts.

Please do not include ScriptHookVDotNet in the download of your script, link to this page or the forum post instead!


- Script Hook V
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (or higher)
- Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)


- Make sure you have all requirements installed (or loading will fail).
- Download and install Script Hook V (including the ASI loader).
- Download ScriptHookV .NET and copy the ASI into your game folder.
- Create (or download) a C#/VisualBasic code file (.cs, .vb) or compiled .NET assembly (.dll) inside a "/scripts/" subfolder in your game directory and start scripting!
ScriptHookV .NET 0.1.0 for GTA 5
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Trucking Missions 0.2

11 May 2015 GTA 5
This script adds a trucker's mission. So far, only 6 missions, with varying complexity of implementation. Management: To start a mission, you need to get to the "office" and get up at the door. After that the menu will appear, in...

PC Trainer V 1.0

9 June 2015 GTA 5
Full version of the trainer PC Trainer V for GTA 5. At the moment this is the most functional trainer, it combines a huge amount of completely modified functionality without any errors. Features: -Convenient and maximally clear menu in the ...

Vice Cry: Remastered 1.0 Official Release

5 January 2020 GTA 5
Vice Cry: Remastered is a full-fledged Vice Cry port in Grand Theft Auto V with tons of new details for more immersion in Vice City. Installed as a DLC. Attention! By clicking on the second link you can download the version of the mod with m...

Script Hook V 1.0.350.2

2 May 2015 GTA 5
Update Script Hook V for versions 1.0.350.1 And 1.0.350.2 Description The library allows you to use scripts built into .asi plugins in Gta 5. Installation 1. Copy ScriptHookV.dll to the game folder, i.e. Where GTA5.exe is located...

SAPD: FR 0.1

29 April 2015 GTA 5
Alpha version of the port Known fashion for GTA IV - LCPD: FR As we already know, the mod allows us to play for the Los Santos police and fully fulfill her duties. To run, you need Script Hook V. Management: F8 - Start the work ...

Rollback to 1.0.335.1

1 May 2015 GTA 5
Three magic files (GTA5.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe and update.rpf) from GTA 5 version 1.0.335.1. Files are useful for those who want to turn back the clock and, for example, return support Script Hook V And mods, turned off by the patch 1.0.350.1. ...

Open All Interiors 1.0

9 May 2015 GTA 5
With the help of this script you can visit all the closed buildings of the city: police stations, hospitals, various boutiques, houses, apartments, jewelry stores, etc. There is a possibility of their robbery. In the buildings FIB added functioning e...

Real Phones HD 1.0

26 May 2015 GTA 5
This mod replaces icons and wallpapers of mobile phones of Michael, Trevor and Franklin, for real (in HD) - iPhone, Windows Phone and Android.

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comment written on, 29 April 2015, 18:19
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Не получается запустить скрипты. Переустанавливал ПО, много чего пробовал, не помогает. Вот логи. (не полностью, иначе текста слишком много)

 cкрытый текст

UPD: В прочем, уже не важно. Обновил версию script hook .net и вроде как всё заработало.

Сообщение отредактировал Rabbitator 29.04.2015 в 18:45:23
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comment written on, 28 April 2015, 22:03
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Karma: 1639
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Цитата: Описание
Пример скрипта

Ммм, классно, интересно было бы побольше инфы найти в этом направлении.
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comment written on, 27 April 2015, 22:23
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Karma: 1905
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Полезная вещь, пригодится!
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