Transport from "Robberies" in single mode v2.0

2 May 2015 GTA 5
Mod adds to the single game all the transport from the "Robbery" add-on, which only spawned in GTA Online. Changes in 2.0: - Added more types of cars for spawn - now drive some vehicles around certain areas on the map (see photo card) - Slig...

Train Driver Mod (Fix and Enhancements)

6 May 2015 GTA 5
This mod allows you to try yourself as a train driver. The original "Train Driver Mod" mod from "HealthScript" was excellent, but it was not entirely realistic when it comes to speeding up and stopping the train. The train accelerates too quickly...

ENBSeries v0.270

26 May 2015 GTA 5
The first beta version of ENBSeries with support for GTA 5 for PC. Has a limited functionality and is designed to test the work of modification on different hardware. About all problems the author asks to inform on the official forum At this link ...

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