GTA V Launcher 1.0.7

26 August 2018 GTA 5
Description: With this program you can run Grand Theft Auto V with mods, with mods to choose from or without them, without deleting the mods themselves. This program works with both the Steam version and the pirated version of Gra...

Script Hook V + Native Trainer 1.0.1290.1

7 August 2018 GTA 5
Description: New version of Script Hook V for GTA V, supporting patch 1.0.1290.1 Script Hook V is a library that allows the game to execute commands from custom * .asi scripts. Script Hook does not work in GTA Online. T...

Weapon icons GTA V

25 March 2014 GTA 5
Welcome! Already a lot of guns from GTA V were converted to GTA SA and GTA IV, and icons for all these weapons, no. And now I got the idea to make icons for GTA IV and for GTA_IV_HUD. Although you can remove icons from the very GTA V, but since this ...

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