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VAZ-2107 (Lada Riva) [Add-On / Replace / Tuning] v1.3

24 February 2016 GTA 5
Features / Features: HQ interior; / Quality interior; Working dashboard; / The working panel of devices; Dirt mapping; / Dert mapping; Breakable windows; / Glass breaks; Correct player position; / The correct position of the driver; Ha...

2013 Mercedes Benz G65 AMG [Add-On / Replace + Tuning] v1.3

10 April 2016 GTA 5
Features of the model: * The model is compatible with the main functions of the game engine; * Quality HQ model; * Detailed interior; * Customized headlight; * Functional brake lights, parking lights, direction indicators; * Collapsibl...

Avatar GTA 5 (part 3) [Avatars GTA 5 (part 3)]

4 October 2013 GTA 5
As some already know, all of my previous collections of avatars I did Clean from nefig do . And this one is no exception. In the archive Exactly 100 avatars (33 with Trevor, 20 with Franklin, 26 with Michael + 9 female ( New) And 12 with the...

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