Diablo Stallion HD Universe Edition

14 September 2015 GTA 4
As you know, HD and 3D universes have huge differences, but the main events and gangs in them coincide. After sitting for a couple of hours I made the famous Diablo Stallion in a new incarnation. Now it corresponds to the HD universe. - The model...

HD GTA 3 Pack

3 December 2010 GTA 4
HD cars from our favorite gta 3: Hermes, Kuruma, Mafia Sentinel, Stallion, Cheetah. All cars are of good quality.


17 December 2012 GTA 4
Mod, which transfers the game GTA 3, to the engine GTA 4 !!! Watching the video! P.S. I add, because on Libertycity.ru there is (like) this fashion !!!

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