GTA V Weapon HUD (HD Weapon icons)

30 July 2013 GTA 4
This mod will replace the dim weapon textures, from the GTA V Weapon HUD, making them more vivid and in HD quality.

Beige suit from GTA V

22 August 2013 GTA 4
I present Beige costume from GTA V. You can buy a costume in the store "Perseus". Have a good game!

GTA V to IV Package Final

3 June 2014 GTA 4
This mod adds some details from GTA V to GTA IV Features: -GTA V radar / Mini card - Switching characters like in GTA V -Effect of death as in GTA V -Personazhi from GTA V -Hood from GTA V -Its of weapons from GTA V -The download icon from GT...

GTA V Chase Music

11 December 2013 GTA 4
GTA V Chase Music - now that the police are looking for you (or chasing you), there is an alarming music from GTA 5. In total there are three variants of compositions.

GTA V Radar

23 August 2013 GTA 4
GTA V Radar - a new radar in the style of GTA 5, switching characters and special abilities! And the author is not going to stop here! Fuh, the "five" has not yet come out, but it is already being transferred to the "four" ... what will happen in the...

GTA V Handling For IV

17 November 2013 GTA 4
This script adds the ability to drive cars, as in GTA V --- Installation --- * Place V-Handling.asi and VHandling.ini in your main GTA IV or EFLC directory (where EFLC.exe or GTA IV.exe), * If you do not have dsound.dll or scri...


10 December 2013 GTA 4
GTA V Radio HUD - Another mod from a cool script modder, which adds to GTA 4 radio selection with the mouse wheel in the style of Grand Theft Auto V. Installation is automatic, via OpenIV. Suitable for the original "quartet", and for EFLC. ...

GTA V for IV LoadingScreens

10 December 2013 GTA 4
GTA V for IV LoadingScreens - As far as I know, this is the first mod with a boot screen like in GTA 5. I can not say that GTA 5 is also loaded as in fashion, because I do not have a console. * Please note that the music will remain the same (...

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