Simple Native Trainer Version 6.4

11 December 2011 GTA 4
Changes in v.6.4: Added the ability to set the 6th level of tracing, even from the very beginning of the game. This option only works if the player has previously "frozen" his level of tracing. Added the ability to select a random color for the ...

Simple Native Trainer Version 6.4 Rus

27 May 2012 GTA 4
Completely in Russian. There are also in the archive for Efls and for Gta 4 The trainer goes only to the 7 patch.

Simple Trainer Version v6.4.0.1 alpha 5

30 March 2013 GTA 4
Changes in alpha 5: -The translation of the main settings menu has been added (added); -Added (added) translation of the menu for creating bodyguards / pedestrians; - Fixed (added) translation of the mission selection menu (mission assistance ...

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