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Centered car camera v1.2.1

1 June 2014 GTA 4
The script modification, the functionality of which is to center the game camera like in GTA V. This feature is especially helpful when driving a car, as interaction with the mouse (for rotating the camera) is almost completely eliminated. Change...

Max Payne IV v1.2

11 April 2014 GTA 4
Max Payne IV v1.2 is designed to complement the game with the famous time delay from Max Payne. Management: - While walking / running, press Caps Lock and the jump key to activate the time slack. - Or just press Caps Lock to enable (normal...


18 July 2013 GTA 4
X_PROJECT 2.1.1 Designed for use on and EFLC X_PROJECT 2.1.1 is by far one of the best tuned configs for and EFLC In this version there is a new effect of dirty lens from BF3 so I think it will be fun: D In order to disable thi...

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