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Simple Native Trainer - Cheat Menu

16 May 2020 GTA 4
Trainer for the latest patch Main navigation: F3 - Show menu Backspace - Close menu Num 4 - Down Num 6 - Top Num 2 - Right Num 8 - Left Num 5 - Activate Num 0 - Return to the main menu Installation: Unp...

GTA 4 Simple Native Trainer v6.4.0.1 Alpha 1 (build)

17 January 2013 GTA 4
This assembly is intended for those who could not put Native Trainer on GTA 4 EFLC. Detailed instructions in the archive. Changes to Simple Native Trainer v6.4.0.1 Alpha 1: -Added Russian interface. -Added new commands. -Inco...

Simple Native Trainer 4.6 (

13 December 2009 GTA 4
Has a lot of features, everything is detailed in ReadMe. Combinations of all keys can be configured in trainer.ini. Called with the F4 key. Works with patch for GTA 4.

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