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GTAIV Patch Save

9 June 2013 GTA 4
GTAIV Patch Save 70% - Story Complete - 1.13 Mb The "Final" version includes: 1. New expanded readme. 2. Caves have undergone a minor change in order to exclude the files responsible for the settings of the game, which in some cases l...

Realistic reflection 0.2

5 February 2011 GTA 4
Realistic reflection 0.2 is the second version of a small graphical fashion that improves the quality of reflections, making them even more detailed and realistic without losing FPS in the game, increased viewing distance, improved water. - realis...

Patch - Red Sky Fix

26 April 2014 GTA 4
This fix removes the red sky on the version of the game, when you play with the graphic mode. Installation: throw in the common folder with the replacement of files.

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