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GTA V Police "Edge" Pack

28 January 2014 GTA 4
Several police cars from GTA V for GTA IV are of good quality. - High-quality 3D model; - Good interior; - Realistic headlight; - Quality tires and wheels; - Broaking glass; - Damaged parts of the body; - Its shadow; - It looks nice w...

Car Pack 2013 [BETA]

10 January 2013 GTA 4
- Realistic weight and speed of each car (not too high speed and good handling) - Processing of transport lines. (I myself do not know what it is) - Machines are replaced wisely. 4-door cars replaced with 4-doors, and 2-doors for 2-doors. - Va...

GTA 5 Car Pack 2

12 January 2014 GTA 4
The second small pack that adds 5 machines from GTA 5. In the archive everything is spread out by daddy and even made RUS Readme. See everything in the video.

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