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Ultimate Blood-Mod for GTA 4
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The blood in the game will now be an order of magnitude more realistic.
Ultimate Blood-Mod for GTA 4
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Blood-Mod v6.0

3 May 2010 GTA 4
Now GTA IV will become even bloodier! Mod increases the "bloodiness" of the game. The sixth version of the mod.

Back to the Grand Theft Auto Ultimate Mod v1.0

11 September 2013 GTA 4
Mod is a supplemented and modified version of the fashion time travel mod 0.4 and is based on the original idea from Lorenzo3024it (BTTF Hill Valley IV 1.1) Mod includes 6 DeLorean + + time-shifting scripts. To work, you need a mod ...

Police State Mod v 0.3

29 May 2014 GTA 4
Police State Mod is a tiny mod that turns one of the Liberty City districts into a police state. What does it mean? In the real world, modern America turns into a police state, the number of SWAT special forces increases, and control becomes tougher....

Ride Along Mod

29 September 2010 GTA 4
Approach any vehicle, press the G key and after a few moments you find yourself in the passenger seat. And what exactly to do next, everyone decides for himself. Installation: requires GTA 4 ASi Loader Copy the file Ride Along Mod.asi and Script...

Night Mod

6 June 2011 GTA 4
Night Mod - this is my first small mod: removes the lampposts, traffic lights and some other highlights in Liberty City, so that the night was darker and more realistic. The light in the windows is not cleaned, just the light on the stands near the r...

Viva New-York Mod

3 August 2011 GTA 4
We all know that under the name of Liberty City is hiding a real city - New York ... so why not make from Liberty City a real New York, such as it is seen by millions of people who every day pass through its streets? With the modification of Viva New...

Red Dead Mod

21 December 2011 GTA 4
Red Dead Mod - since this author of all the latest major object mods decided to combine them into a single, that's the first swallow of these undertakings. In this fashion, two cards are connected Dead Race Island and Red Dead Desert, plus a qualitat...

Hostage (Hostage mod)

27 April 2012 GTA 4
The hostage (Hostage mod) is an unpretentious script mode, allowing the protagonist to take any paes hostage. The process is as follows: first frighten the pedal and he raises his hands, then we take him into circulation and he puts his hands b...

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фуу мне противно belay
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парни как устанавливать этот мод?? там инструкции нету в архиве=((
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