Tommy Angelo (Mafia The City Of Lost Heaven)

18 December 2012 GTA 4
Skin Tommy Angelo from the game Mafia The City Of Lost Heaven "You know, I think that in everything you need to know the measure, yes, measure, that's a good word." He who wants too much risks losing everything. "However, someone who wants too lit...

The Last of Us Ellie Mod

6 August 2013 GTA 4
Elli's envelope from The Last of Us. Replace any pedestrian or player. For the PlayerPED skin to work on EFLC, you need to download this mod: Reference

The Last of Us Pack GTA IV 1.0

15 August 2014 GTA 4
A new version of Joel and Ellie from the game The last of us The archive includes: - Sam Joel and Ellie - 9 Weapons from Tlou - Additional objects from Tlou - Special characters for fun What's new in the new version: - Changed the face of Jo...

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