Angel VC 'n' Saber Turbo VC in HD

13 February 2014 GTA 4
Hello. I'm one of the developers of the Fashion Vice City Rage, but it does not matter. I made 2 excellent textures for SaberTurbo and Angel for Vice City. But that's not all I have yet done texturing with the models of cars from Vice City for GTA IV...

GTA IV: Desings Quality 10 Edition

20 July 2011 GTA 4
Change to Quality 10: + Enhance the frame update (FPS +5) + Quality Game (High Graphics settings without loss of FPS) + Fixed Shadows of the DORES, the leaves (UPDATING THE SHIEDER) + AMD Radeon (DirectX 11 Add to Game) + NVidia DirectX 11 (pa...

Black Ops Hudson HD Textures Pack

24 July 2011 GTA 4
Black Ops Hudson HD texture, full skin replacement GG and a new form from CoD 7: Black Ops!

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