Shrek and Donkey

22 March 2014 GTA 4
Two main characters from the animated cartoon "Shrek". *** Features *** - Textures of high quality. - High quality model. - The model supports all the main functions of the game. - With this model you can play in missions, and it works cor...

Saves GTA IV and EfLC

17 June 2011 GTA 4
Grand Theft Auto IV 1. Kill Ivan or leave alive: left alive 2. Kill Dwayne or Playboy X: killed Playboy X 3. Kill Sheriza or leave alive: left alive (figs with her, it's clear that you can not kill innocent people) 4. Kill Clarence or leave ali...

Mega graphics by DKT70 and Fonias

30 August 2011 GTA 4
This modification will make your GTA IV even more realistic. The graphics will be beautifully beautiful and realistic, just as trees and road textures are replaced in fashion.

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