Player Selector 1.4

26 February 2010 GTA 4
Player Selector is a popular ASI plug-in that allows you to change the appearance of the main character with a single click. At your choice - more than 300 models created by Rockstar Games (here you and clowns, and stripper, and fat bikers, and, of c...

Winter textures for GTA IV Criminal Russia 1.4.1 (pre ALPHA)

8 February 2014 GTA 4
Winter textures for GTA IV Criminal Russia 1.4.1 This is the first and can even say a crude version of my additions, because the textures were difficult to come up with and it was difficult to find them at all. The author of the most "Crimin...

EPM v 1.4

5 September 2011 GTA 4
New version of EPM for EFLC & GTA IV. Support for EFLC & GTA IV from 4 to 6 (should work from 1 to 7), but officially patch number 7 is not supported. This mode allows you to make different parts moving by transport (spoiler, aerodynamic brak...

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