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Bugatti Type 41 Royale Coupe

29 June 2012 GTA 4
Classy classic coupe from Bugatti. The model has 4 extras. Hands Nico on the steering wheel, all the glasses are broken, auto gets dirty.

BMW M5 E39 AC Schnitzer Type II

25 August 2012 GTA 4
2 models in one archive. Description: - All the main functions of the GTA 4 engine are used - Realistic dirt and painting - All the passengers are sitting in their seats - Detailed study of interior, engine and other auto parts - Convenient ca...

Vice City Rage (Build 03/20/2013)

17 April 2013 GTA 4
A new version of the once buried fashion Vice City Rage, in which you are waiting: - Compatibility with GTA IV - New timecyc, the author of Quantum - No more fuss with the launchers - The whole map is open, not just 1 island - Hidden pac...

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