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Minigames - COD Nazi Zombies

23 March 2013 GTA 4
Minigames - COD Nazi Zombies - as you know, this addition is in the style of Call of Duty with their zombie attacks. Another entertainment for a long evening. Features of the model: this is actually a mini-game, since you include it inside GTA IV...

GTA IV Zombie Mod (ZoMbocalYpse)

26 November 2013 GTA 4
The game must be only the latest version and the mod does not go to EFLC. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS This mod has a strict system requirement! 1 Have good eyesight and knowledge of the Russian alphabet is desirable from A to Z 2 Hands shou...

Outbreak: Infectious Zombie Mod

25 August 2012 GTA 4
Outbreak: Infectious Zombie Mod for GTA 4 is a small scripting mod that will turn Liberty City into a zombie city. Grab a shotgun and take an active part in the shooting of evil spirits! Works on patch and, requires Scripthook. ...

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