GTA 4: Desings Accelerator 12 Beta 2

7 April 2012 GTA 4
GTA 4: Desings Accelerator 12 Beta 2 ! 1. Added support FXAA with utility lets you manage different parameters of the process of the post game. 2. Fixed a problem with thunderstorms (in darkened thunderclap display) 3. Fixed bug with noise sup...

ENBSeries 0.078 SORA + VisualIV 1.7.1 + Color Correction

24 February 2011 GTA 4
Description: Before you very high quality graphics for GTA IV! The build is based on ENBSeries 0.078 SORA, and the settings are built very realistically (in the settings it's worth: average anti-aliasing, high-quality auto reflection, not big bloo...

Radio-Color mod v1.0

1 November 2009 GTA 4
After installing this mod, all the radio station icons in the game will become multicolored. I'm sick of the gray icons - then this modification is for you!

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