Excellent Graphics v.2

22 May 2016 GTA 4
This version is brighter and colorful and this is my last work for GTA4 in general ... Main changes: Taymsus New settings for the environment and sky New Shader settings (Eneffect) Better bloom Better ssao Better adaptation And more Te...

Gta V to IV Graphics V 2.2

24 March 2014 GTA 4
This ENB makes graphics similar to GTA V Features: - Goes on all patches - Rays from Gta V - Stars from Gta V - Reflections of chromium from GTA V - 3D effect of clouds - Balancing of light (at night it's not dark, it's not light in the daytim...

Gta V To IV Package V 2.2.1

17 April 2014 GTA 4
This is a pack that gives you some features from GTA V for GTA IV and EFLC. Features, this pack: - Radar / Mini card - Crosshair - Displaying a text message - Purple destination - Icons - Animation fight - Hide from the police (In the bushes...

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